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Baroque Violin


…Are you a ‘modern’ violinist who is interested in exploring stylistic questions in your repertoire?

…Have you always wanted to try the Baroque Violin but are not sure where to start?

…Are you looking for a specialist teacher who can help you ‘take the plunge’ and discover the fascinating world of gut strings?

Familiarity with historically-informed performance is becoming an increasingly essential aspect of a musician’s training. Whatever your musical inclinations, knowledge of the context of a score will offer you greater inspiration and bring you closer to the music’s essence.


I work with top-level ensembles in this field and have in-depth knowledge of national styles pre-1800, as well as a particular interest in the performance practice of the 19th Century. I am professor of Baroque Violin at the ‘Bonporti’ Conservatoire in Trento.


If you would like to learn the baroque violin, and later explore classical and romantic repertoire on period instruments, I will support you through all stages of this challenging but exciting journey. I pay a lot of attention to the differences in set-up between ‘modern’ and historical violin and can help you develop a flexible technique that broadens your musical horizons without limiting your professional opportunities.

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