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Violin Clinic!


…Are you feeling ‘stuck’ on a specific technical issue? It might be a difficult shift, spiccato bowing, or tense vibrato.

…You might be finding it hard to navigate a particular piece or need some help structuring your practice for an important audition or exam.

… Or you might just be feeling that something isn’t quite comfortable in your playing but can’t put your finger on what it is. 

Whatever your specific concern, one or more Violin Clinic! sessions might be the answer!

The complex set of skills required to play the violin can often feel overwhelming, but, unlike traditional lessons, these sessions are designed to “zoom in” on an issue in isolation.

We will momentarily step off the treadmill, let go of expectations, and approach your question from a variety of angles.

I am passionate about problem-solving on the violin, and enjoy devising specific exercises by combining a wide range of teaching traditions. I also draw inspiration from the whole spectrum of my wider interests (ranging from Alexander Technique, Yoga and Dance to Philosophy and Psychology) to explore how we can better relate to our minds and bodies as creative beings.


The aim of our sessions would be for you to walk away with answers which are personal to you and increase your sense of ease and enjoyment when you play.

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